Oak frame – width 20 mm (0,79in)

  • 49 EUR

Oak wood frame. We use a durable, high quality acrylic glass that offers high UV-protection. Frame widht of 20 mm (0,79in) and depth 22 mm (0,87in).

Article Number: INSR00642

Free framing included.  If you buy an art print and a matching frame we will frame it for you and it will be delivered ready to hang on the wall.

Oak wood frame of highest quality, in sizes 50x70 cm (20x28in) and 70x100 cm (28x39in). 

Frame width of 20 mm (0,79in) and depth of 22 mm (0,87in).

We offer a selection of high quality picture frames in black or white wood, in oak and aluminium frames in silver or gold. The frames have a sturdy MDF backboard with metal spring turn clips making framing easy and enjoyable. The hangers are crocodile type and the frames can hang both vertically or horizontallyl

We use Acylic glass wich is much more durable and has higher UV-proction than glass. It’s also much safer than glass.

Art.nr: INSR00642, INSR00652.